Every time I go to supreme I go here to get a coffee and pastry of some sort. My first time coming in I got a coffee and the lady offered me some free “ruglache” which I never tried before and I enjoyed it. She didn’t have to do that but that little act of kindness is what will have me coming back 😊🙌

StanJam SamuelCustomer

Hands down some of the kindest people with amazing treats. We had some goodies brought our office and our staff loved them. Diamond Doug is also an amazing person, which reflects in the product and the friendly staff.

Knocomp DaVizius

The quality and tradition of baking pound cake and Pretzels is on Point, I’ve told people I’ve met from the east coast living here now for that taste you’re accustomed to they deliver every time. Especially the blueberry pound cake.

Perry Churgin

What an amazing story this littel bakery has. I had a very welcoming worker greet me and let me taste many of the cookies. I liked the sprinkles cookies