Monday 1-17 we are closed for Tubishvat and MLK day.

Chag Sameach TuBishvat!!!

The birthday of the trees is Monday. TuBishvat Seder is Sunday. Click here to see a short video explaining the holiday.



We make the highest-quality breads and sweets to satisfy that sweet tooth

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Welcome to Diamond Bakery

Here at Diamond Bakery, we specialize in crafting many kinds of breads, rolls, pastries, and our famous corn rye. We have been operating successfully since 1946 without changing our recipes. And we don't just sell bread, we can ship it to you, or for events. So if you need sweets for events like fundraisers or catering, we have you covered!

Diamond’s many recipes — for ryes, challah, babka, rugelach, bourekas, hamantaschen, strudel, Russian coffee cake, cheesecake, racetrack cake swirled and topped with rich chocolate — are well over three-quarters of a century old. They were brought to the West Coast from New York by the Eastern European immigrants who opened the shop in 1946, though details of that history have faded even as the traditions live on.