Don't worry, this is not a goodbye, LA. We will now be focusing on expanding our wholesale program!

While we here at Diamond Bakery have made the difficult decision to close our retail location, rest assured that we will continue to provide our products to the many restaurants and cafes that carry our products wholesale.

Two and a half years ago we embarked on a mission to save Diamond Bakery LA on Fairfax Ave, after a noble effort from the employees who attempted to keep it open after the long time owner's son chose to just close in 2019.

A combination of factors have contributed to us having to make the impossible decision to close our physical store on Fairfax ave for now. Our last day will be this Sunday Dec 3rd.

We have invested innumerable hours, financial resources and our hearts and souls in keeping the store open. The building is falling apart and we simply cannot afford the renovations to stay in this retail location.

The Diamond Bakery brand and legacy will never end. We are keeping it alive by partnering with a major bakery here in LA who will be taking on the brand and your treasured recipes and getting our bread back into grocery stores, as so many of you have asked us to do.

So stay tuned for that great news. We will miss seeing your familiar smiling faces and hope that there will be a reason to open our doors again in the future.

Thank you for the 77 years of supporting our retail location, LA. We look forward to celebrating all the new locations you can purchase Diamond Bakery products from soon!

Baking a Legacy

Diamond’s many recipes — for ryes, challah, babka, rugelach, bourekas, hamantaschen, strudel, Russian coffee cake, cheesecake, racetrack cake swirled and topped with rich chocolate — are well over three-quarters of a century old. They were brought to the West Coast from New York by the Eastern European immigrants who opened the shop in 1946, though details of that history have faded even as the traditions live on.

Jess PCustomer

It is hard to say whether the friendly service or the delicious Jewish baked goods are better. I have so many fond memories from this bakery, that it is worth driving from Burbank for special occasions to get delicious sweets.

Willem HCustomer

Every birthday since age 11 my cake has always been a cheesecake ,whether from fancy bakery or thawed supermarket stuff, depending on how much we had as family, as an adult I consider myself a cheesecake super fan and let me tell you I have tried hundreds upon hundreds of cheesecakes this is honestly the best one I've had in decades, thick moist custardy flavorful, I've told my friends "let me know when birthday is coming ill get you a diamond bakery cheesecake" they and I get excited (cause I buy one just for myself)

Sunny MCustomer

It's smells delicious the moment you walk in. Was promptly greeted when I entered the establishment. Service was exceptional. That alone is enough for me to come back. 5 stars :)

Frances CCustomer

This bakery is great! The bagels and pastries are fresh, with just the right amount of crunch, flakiness and softness, as well just straight up delicious! Also the owner/Baker is super kind and a pleasure to talk to. Highly recommend!!

Joan PCustomer

I love the Diamond Bakery. They make things that are so hard to find in other areas were Jewish bakeries have closed. I found the wonderful cornbread rye and excellent challah. The chocolate Babka was incredible. It's like going back in time.